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The year is 2056, Earth is in its longest period of peace since man was born on to that dismal ball of rock. The Middle east destroyed by nuclear fire. Russia, China, Japan, America and the United Kingdom becoming a large alliance destroying any country that stood up to them. Human kind thought they were doomed during certain cataclysmic predictions such as 2012 but they were wrong and now our destroyers are in range to strike.

the Vox Aeron Empire was formed back on the planet Aeron Prime over 3 millennium with one mission the destruction of any planet or race of vermin that might stand in our way of conquest and growth. We are the Destroyers.

Earth population 8,532,455,022, like vermin hiding under a rock hiding from the tide of the universe, plenty enough to make slaves for the Empire and their planet harvested for its resources to constructed the war machines of the Vox Aeron Empire, the fleet comes down from the skies.

The human races only hope, that the largest time of peace has not made them weak and ripe for the picking.


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