Vox Aeron Ranking System

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Recruit - Skruff

E1 - E4: Enlisted

E1- Thrall E2- Frehals E3- Dregnar E4- Dregnar Elite

E5 - E8: Senior Enlisted

E5- Maurauder E6- Maurander Elite E7- Thegan E8- Thegan Elite

N1-N6: Noncoms

N1- Sturaesman N2- Hersir N3- Hersir Specialist N4- Hersir Elite N5- Warrior N6- Warrior Elite

O1-09: Officer

O1- Immunis O2- Sescarius O3- Duplican O4- Triplican O6- Salarius

O7- Pilus

O8- Princeps

O9- Principales

C1-C5: Command

C1- Tribus C2- Praefectus C3- Legus C4- Praepositus C5- Imperatores


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