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2012 Nov - Sim Build started for the new Vox Aeron open for Febuary 2013

1/27/2012 - Due to unforseen circumstances the workplace of the financer 
Fernando Ryba collapsed and has placed vox without any source of income 
to continue news atritcle can be seen here ->News<- because of this I have
decided to place the reinstatement of Vox on hold until a solid inworld source
of income can be achieved. Thank you for your patience.

2012 Jan - Leia Mercy now known as Kitlongtail or Memphis Starfire from here 
on out made the decision to re-awake the vox aeron into a new beast one that
could easily rival its own past. With a set theme, mesh equipment and armor
and a mesh sim build which is almost complete we hope to be open for Febuary


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