Mizore Starfire

aka Leia Mercy, Mazzy Fastback, KitLongtail.

35 years old she is a retired Video Game Designer having created games
from as far back as the MSDOS days upto modern MMO's. With skills for
Scripting, Programming, Texture Work, Building, Sculpting, Mesh work.

She started out in the community by joining Ordo and after a short 
while there left to pursue her dream of opening a shop in SL when two of 
her friends from Ordo conversed with her asking her to start a military 
and offering to fund said military. She could not say no and so the 
Urramaich Union was formed, this being her first time with leadership 
she made many mistakes and took the words of many people at face value 
leading her group to disaster. She brought the group on with VG and it 
died there under the hands of the VG leadership. After more manipulation 
in there hands she left VG and joined a small rag tag team of fun loving 
rebels in a group called TCG. After some time she could not resist the 
urge to lead again forming the group Vox Aeron with the remnants of TCG 
joining with her after being tossed away by there leader. Vox was a proud 
group strong and with principle Memphis created a lot of innovations but 
found though she had a great pool of people many were indecisive some 
wanting the old life of TCG others wanting the group to progress far to 
quickly and others who simply could not make up there minds this caused 
Vox over time to go through several transitions as she tried her best to 
keep everyone happy a goal she could never achieve learning that a military 
is must be strict but fun and set to one path she closed the group and took 
a long sabbatical off from the community. when she returned she was invited 
to participate in CATI by her good friend Fernando Ryba who she had helped 
with weapons and other gear in the past he made the decision to make her a 
leader amongst there group and she created equipment for the group however 
she could not let Vox rest and after talks with the leadership of CATI Vox 
was Reawakened with Memphis at the head of the table.
Mizore has vowed to make a proud strong group of Vox Again with a path set
in Stone and a new second command at her side.
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Memphis Starfire